Our story

Our journey as event hosts began in the spring of 2015 in the village of Haukkala, Salo, when the main building of Mikko’s 150-year-old ancestral estate was transformed into an event facility. That marked the start of our journey as event facility entrepreneurs. Haukkala Event space, especially during the summer, have gained popularity among wedding couples and those celebrating their confirmations. Over the years, we have continuously developed our event facility operations. Serving our customers is close to our hearts, and it’s wonderful to be part of realizing our customers’ most important celebrations. One of the best aspects of this work is seeing the joy and happiness on our customers’ faces after successful events. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

A couple of years ago, our interest in the culturally significant Rikalanmäki area was ignited. Old places and history have always been our passion. When we heard in December 2019 that Rikalanmäki was up for sale, we immediately decided to make an offer. After visiting the place, our fascination grew even stronger. The location of Rikalanmäki, situated within a well-known Iron Age archaeological site protected by the National Board of Antiquities, is unique and exudes the aura of history.

We wanted to bring Rikalanmäki back to life and turn it into a meeting place for various events, such as celebrations, meetings, and concerts. From the very beginning, it was important to us that Rikalanmäki also accommodates cultural events. We made an agreement with Teatteri Provinssi, a local theater group, which has started its activities in the theater attic. Additionally, Rikalanmäki houses the cozy open-fire restaurant, Rikalan Krouvi, led by Chef Rotisseur Tamás Kovács-Balogh, where a focus is placed on local cuisine. During the summer, the pleasant café terrace serves customers in the ancient historical setting well into the evening.

We eagerly look forward to meeting you at Rikalanmäki!

Eija and Mikko